• Common Rule

    The Common Rule is a federal policy in the United States that establishes ethical standards and guidelines for the protection of human subjects in research conducted or supported by federal agencies. Formally known as the “Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects,” the Common Rule was first published in 1991 and has since been … Continue reading “Common Rule”

  • Scientific Research

    Scientific research is a systematic process of inquiry and investigation that seeks to expand human knowledge, understand natural phenomena, and provide explanations for observed patterns and events. It involves formulating hypotheses, designing experiments or studies, collecting and analyzing data, and drawing conclusions that can be tested and verified through further research. The ultimate goal of … Continue reading “Scientific Research”

  • Medical Ethics

    Medical ethics is a set of moral principles, values, and guidelines that govern the conduct of medical professionals and researchers in their practice, research, and interactions with patients and colleagues. These principles are essential to ensure the well-being of patients, protect their rights, and promote trust in the medical profession. Some key principles of medical … Continue reading “Medical Ethics”